Miles 4 Missions SC is having a Soccer Ball drive! Yep Soccer Balls!

No matter what the language, no matter what the situation all you soccer 3

need to reach a child is round ball to kick around. Soccer crosses all

boundaries with kids and their parents. To reach people and gain

their trust, to let them know all you wnat is help them make a better

life for them and their family you need a common ground. A chance

for them to see YOU for who YOU are.

soccer 1

When you get a chance to help them with work or some kind of

community project they can see your heart. When you kick a ball

around a dirt field or a small space beteen shacks the results are

immediate. The sound of kids laughing echo threw the village and

soon the labor harden fathers are out kicking the ball with the kids or

a group of mothers running in dresses and bare feet with big smiles.

soccer 2

A soccer ball can get kids to open up and listen about education, health

and other topics. It helps parents allow doctors to look at their kids

and themselves. A soccer ball can get you out of your comfort zone

interacting with REAL kids who need your REAL help. For $10, the price

of a soccer ball at your local store, M4M can buy a ball and ship it to

one of the many needy groups of kids in the US and abroud. Our goal is

to raise funds to buy and ship 100 balls in 2013. To donate please use

the PayPal link on this page! Pass it on and see the difference a ball makes :-)

2012 Season Miles for Mission SC helped sponsor 198,322.4 travel miles with over 5,000k run :-)

USA, Kenya, South Africa, and Honduras

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